A dozen bulls in the top 75!

As the days count down to Christmas, we are counting our successes in the current breeding value estimation. With the relatively small OHG breeding program the usual expectation rate of bulls in the top 100 is around five. Anyhow in the new actual proof run OHG could place 12 bulls in the top 75. Most of the bulls show reasonable improvements and the average improvement rate for RZG is > + 2 points per bull. This is probably the most successful daughter proof run for OHG in the last 10 years!

The list of the top daughter proven bulls from OHG is now headed it by the well-known CALVIN with more than 750 daughters in milk and more than 500 classified. He improves this time + 2 to 149 RZG and offers beside high milk, positive components very good F&L and an ideal profile for robotic milking. As one of the highest production bulls SUPREM stays strong in the top group and then follow several new graduates with KENNY (+5 auf 143), SUEZ (+ 2 auf 143), GATES (with + 5 auf 140) and HONOR P (with + 2 auf 139).

In between are further well-known daughter proven bulls like BELAMI (141), FELIX (141), GYPSY (140), ROMAN (138), LINDY (137) and one of the biggest increases shows this time MARLEY (+ 7 to 138 RZG).

Within the group of Red & White bulls the high component bull ANDY-RED and the high type bull SIR-RED confirm their ranking within the top 25.

All mentioned bulls have different sires and so show the big variety of the reliable OHG for breeding program.

Amazing (Calvin) 0362842759

CALVIN daughter Amazing


Here we go – the genomic highlights

The OHG’s new No. 1 is COMET, who with his gRZG of 160 and at the same time 135 gRZE placed himself confidently at the top of the genomic list. The Concept son is a young offspring of the well-known Snowflake Mabelle EX-90 family and will now continue the success family story. With COMET, bred by the Beyer farm, the name says it all, as he has enormous charisma and will be one of the most interesting sire of sons in the coming year. He also ranks at NTM 36 in Scandinavia, gPF 163 in Poland and gICO 1326 in Spain. First semen is available for targeted matings.

Another newcomer to the OHG is SURFER. The young bull was born on the Weber & Weber farm and he is not only one of the highest but also one of the most complete sons of the OHG outcross bull sire SUNRISE with gRZG 159. In addition, he now leads the top RZ€ at OHG (+2667 €) and with an impressive gRZM of 160 with 174 fat-protein kg, he is one of the highest production sires in Germany. As his sire SUNRISE he also ranks good in Spain, currently at gICO 1317. SURFER‘s first semen is also available. We would like to introduce CASH-RED P as the third of the new genomic young talents.

We would like to introduce CASH-RED P as the third of the new genomic talents. The Cartoon P son from the Westrup-Koch farm placed directly in the top 10 with gRZG 158 and offers sire of sons level with his well-balanced breeding value profile. Particularly striking are his very good health breeding values (gRZhealth 130) in all areas, especially gRZudderfit 118 and claw health (DD control 117).

With CARLOS, the ‚#1 Castelli son (sire CALVIN) we have a new attractive addition in the OHG program. With his dam VH Crown Extreme VG-85 and granddam RR Gymnast Elanie VG-87, he ultimately traces back to the well-known Osnabrück foundation cow RR Elisa EX-90. CARLOS offers a remarkable production level with lots of milk and a strongly positive fat percentage. He also stands out with a high gRZE of 129 and very good feet & legs breeding (127) with a slightly positive rear leg angle (104), which is often desired by many breeders. With his good milkability, optimal udder balance and good teat length and position, CARLOS qualifies as an ideal mating sire for breeding daughters suitable for milking robots. With his RZRobot of 133, he is one of the best in Germany. He also offers a very favorable calving ease (113).



NEXO was one of the most sought-after bulls from the OHG range this year and the Nexus son can also be sure of his popularity in the coming year. His gRZG level increased by +2 points and now stands at 159. NEXO is up to any challenge and fits into any herd with his balanced breeding value profile and outcross pedigree. MILO stands now at gRZG 155, who is very strong in production traits and whose VG-86 dam Ricola is also a full sister to MIRCO.The Matty P RDC son MAGIC-RED also gains +2 points and now stands at gRZG 153. In addition to high production, he also offers first-class conformation with a well-positioned, wide rump, medium rear leg angle (100) and very good, high attached udders.

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