Livestock sales

The region of Osnabrück has been a breeding centre for Holsteins in Germany for many years. The best genetics are consistently distributed via the high density of insemination in all member farms. 95% of the animals are under A4 milk control.

The high standard in breeding and rearing is complemented by the good health of the Osnabrück region, which ensures access to many markets.

The OHG organizes the marketing of breeding animals through auctions and directly from the farm nationally and internationally.

On farm sales

Besides the auction, the OHG always offers a larger selection of animals that can be bought directly on the farms.
Constantly available in very good quality:

  • fresh calved heifers
  • pregnant heifers
  • young livestock

Likewise, when offered, whole herds are mediated.
We would like to share with you the great trust in our genetics.
We invite you to benefit from our expertise in dairy cattle marketing (including processing and transport).
Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to find the best group of animals for your individual needs!

Lukas Harms

Lukas Harms

0 54 22 / 987-256
0162 3405147
Hubert Rosenbusch

Hubert Rosenbusch

0 54 22 / 987-257
0152 56734670

Top Genetics

The Osnabrück Herdbook is known for its exclusive offer of TOP Genetics, not at least by the “TOP Genetic-Auction”, which takes place every year in January. As well the monthly auction sales represent a very suitable source for Top Genetics (date of auctions, catalogue).
Apart from the organized sales we can offer you animals of first quality as well directly in the farms. Our interesting offer details in young bulls and female Top Genetic Heifers.
It is our great pleasure, to carry out your order for purchase and export.

Maik Wittemeier

Maik Wittemeier

0 54 22 / 987-251
0152 53236918