The last breeding value evaluation in August 2020 with top rankings of SINUS, ALAMO and MILTON was already an outstanding success. In the actual December run, SINUS (RZG 155) has even reached the top as official No. 1 on the German list. With first daughters in 2nd lactation and in total over 300 daughters each for production and conformation, SINUS owns already a high reliability. His long-lasting, medium-sized daughters have excellent udder quality, hoof health, metabolic stability and robustness and fit very well for robotic milking farms. In addition, SINUS was able to confirm his exceptional status in Germany as top fertility sire (+ 6% NR). ALAMO, the 2nd highest daughter proven OHG sire, reaches RZG 148 with even more daughters for production and conformation. Alamo is transmitting a similar breeding profile – but with special focus on feet & legs. He is well suited for robotic operations and belongs to the top fertility sires (+ 4% NR). MILTON (RZG 147) isn’t to find on the German top list, since there is no more semen from him. As the highest OHG newcomer, ARAGON started quite high with RZG 142. He convinces with an extremely complete breeding profile with +0.22% fat & protein each. His strength in conformation is the udder quality (121), whereby he is also faultless in all other traits. He can be used in robotic milking farms (114) as well as for heifer matings due to his extreme easy calvings (118). With several high ranking sons ARAGON (aAa 426) is actually very successful as sire of sons especially in Scandinavia. ARAGON is an Araxis son out of Racer and goes back to the Glen-D-Haven Oman Biffy cow family. He continues the successful series of OHG sires as the No. 1 offspring of the respective sire of sons.

Several attractive OHG newcomers – with top rankings in several European countries

The very new METRO is actually the No. 1 sire at OHG with gRZG 161. METRO combines a fast and genomically promising generation line with Merryguy x Supreme x VG-85 Battlecry x VG-85 Boss x Beacon Sambuca VG-86 from the OHG member farm Bunge, the dam of several daughter proven bulls (like Glorioso in Italy), which goes back over many generations to the American foundation cow Tidy-Brook Elton Steph VG-86. Metro increases farmers’ profit by enormous improved amounts of fat (BV +118 kg!). In addition, he offers a faultless, functional conformation that is suitable also for robotic milking farms. In all health traits his values are clearly in the positive range like Mastitis resistance (110), Mortellaro resistance (113) and overall resistance against daughter fertility diseases (113). Metro is also above average for milking speed (104) and calving ease (104). The desirable combination of kappa-casein BB and beta-casein A2/A2 at the same time makes METRO (aAa 513) attractive as well. With gNTM 42, METRO ranks #1 worldwide on the complete Scandinavian top list!

LINDY as Germany’s No. 1 Lightstar son and CALVIN as Germany’s No. 1 Casino son confirmed their high breeding values again – with gRZG 159 each. LINDY with + 6% NR is the top fertility sire among the genomic OHG bulls, whereby CALVIN also reaches the very good result of + 3% NR.

With gRZG 158, SAMUEL P RDC is the next highest OHG newcomer. Samuel is an early Black & White Solitair x Semino son, and Red Factor carrier. His dam, the full sister of Simon P, goes back to SHB Mrspoll VG-86 (Mr. Sam). Samuel P convinces by his balanced production values with a good amount of milk and positive components. For conformation, all main index values are above 110. Samuel P has consistently high values for health and fitness. Because of his easy calvings, SAMUEL P RDC will fit also for heifers matings.

The Benz son BELAMI, the long-running SUPREM as well as the young GATES were able to confirm themselves very well as extremely complete bulls with values ​​of gRZG 157 till gRZG 155. HONOR P (gRZG 154) and KENNY (gRZG 153) remain perfect allrounders.

Due to his extremely attractive overall and conformation profile, GENIUS (Gywer x Trend x Supershot x Snowflake Mabelle EX-90) is currently the most sought-after OHG bull. A very new OHG addition with first available semen is the nice balanced Soundcloud x Garick son SOLAR (gRZG 152).

Exceptional conformation sires

GENIUS reaches gRZE 139. ROMAN is ranking still one point higher with gRZE 140. In 2021 the Gigabyte son GIGANT will join the Osnabrueck sire line up as Germany’s new conformation leader with gRZE 144. His Malinus dam, WKM Caribic, goes back via a VG-85 Araxis x Rodgers x Observer to the well-known Clear Echo Ramos 1200 EX-94. Gigant has medium values for milk, but high protein percentages. Outstanding are his conformation values with 130 for feet & legs and 146 for udder quality. In addition, GIGANT offers consistently good fitness values, easy calvings (106) and an outstanding overall health value (RZHealth 119). He fits also very well to robotic milking farms (RZRobot 131).

The exceptional position of OHG for conformation could hardly be better represented as with 3 OHG Holstein bulls – GENIUS, ROMAN, GIGANT – among Germany’s top 4!

By the way: The foreign breeding values of GIGANT are in France (ISU 180) high MO 3.5, Mamelle 3.3, Membres 2.5, in Scandinavia (NTM 19) high feet & legs  124, udder 137, in Spain (ICO 4747) high IGAT 2.44, IPP 3.11, ICU 2.49, in Poland (PF 138) the high conformation index 137.

For Red Holstein, OHG can offer outstanding conformation sires as well: SIR-RED (gRZG 152 and gRZE 138) and GARY-RED (gRZG 154 with gRZE 134) are currently two bulls with high performance and top conformation. With RZHealth 125, Gary-Red also remains the clear number 1 for these increasingly important trait. PERCEY-RED strengthens the OHG line-up as the No. 1 Pace-Red son. ANDY-RED is in strong demand as components specialist and great allrounder (aAa 513642).

New tremendous PP bulls

With LUPO PP and STICK PP, OHG offers already attractive genomically tested bulls, which were used both as sire of sons in several European breeding programs. Now first semen will become available of the Solitair son and Red Factor carrier SOUND PP RDC, who convinces with an absolutely faultless breeding profile (gRZG 147). More than +1000 kg milk with positive fat & protein %, overall conformation gRZE 127 with enormous rump width (123) and udder height (137), tremendous hoof health (113) makes him attractive for many dairy farms (calving ease 112). With SKY-RED PP (gRZG 152), another extremely complete and faultless homozygous OHG top improver will come through soon. His maternal line goes back via GP-84 Lucky PP x GP-84 Pat Red x GP-84 Adonis and further generations to the Cianke EX-93 cow family. Above all, Sky-Red PP convinces with his high fat & protein components. His conformation profile is well balanced – with index values ≥ 110 for dairy type, body (strength & depth!), feet & legs and udder (128). SKY-RED PP combines outstanding udder health (119) & mastitis resistance (116) with high milking speed (107).

MIRCO – outstanding outcross sire with top rankings in several European countries

In a few weeks also MIRCO should become available. Mirco is by far the highest Mick son in the German system. His father Mick is as a Jagger son (Jedi x Rubicon) out of an AltaReserve dam (Modesty x Reflector) and therefore a different new bloodline that is hardly widespread in Germany. His maternal line goes back via Silver VG-87 x McCutchen VG-88 x Goldwyn EX-91 to Markwell Durham Felice EX-92 and finally to the famous Markwell Durham Raven EX-95 family. Mirco will offer an extremely complete and attractive breeding profile with > +900 kg milk and tremendous fat & protein percentages. He combines outstanding conformation (130) with tremendous fitness and health, calving ease, milking speed and is also suitable for robotic milking farms (RZRobot 124). Like GENIUS, also MIRCO is ranking very high on many foreign scales, so that he will be in high international demand. Several countries, like France or the Netherlands, haven’t published his breeding values yet. In Italy, Mirco reaches nearly gPFT 4600, in Scandinavia NTM 36. And in Poland, MIRCO even ranks #1 worldwide with gPF 149!

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