Just in time for the return of the summer days after weeks of rain, the new breeding values are delivered. The breeding value tables are now supplemented by the new index “RZorganic” – a breeding tool especially suitable for farms with organic production methods. For more information, please follow the link.

Genomic highlights

NEXO remains the number 1 of all OHG sires with gRZG 157. The highest available Nexus son still finds great appeal in Germany and abroad, because his outcross pedigree and his very balanced breeding value profile allow him to be used very broadly. He convinces with a high gRZE of 131, especially with the excellent feet and legs breeding value of 128 with a medium rear leg angle (102) and very good locomotion (125). NEXO provides a good milk quantity rich in components combined with best udder health (gRZS 125) and suitable milkability (gRZD 105). His high-yielding dam Runa is the full sister to the OHG sire MIRCO and is now classified VG-87. NEXO is also sexed available and will remain one of the most sought-after OHG sires. He is followed by MILO with gRZG 156, who is even stronger in production traits and whose VG-86 dam Ricola is also a full sister to MIRCO.

Nexo (Nexus) 267280


Milo 267282


PRIME and MIKE remain stable at gRZG 153 and gRZG 152, respectively. With +3% NR and + 4% NR respectively, they both now belong to the group of top fertility sires. The Nexus son NEVADA increases his total breeding value by two points and thus lands at gRZG 152. He offers an extremely balanced breeding profile and ticks all the boxes as an all-rounder. Another winner (+1 to gRZG 143) is the extremely popular GENIUS, who again proves his very stable breeding value level.


New in the OHG program is the Camus son CAMPUS with gRZG 154. His Best Benz dam Bella goes back to Regancrest Aerostar Bea EX-91 via EX-91 Federal. He offers a high longevity (gRZN 129), which in combination with his good milk production (gRZM 141) and his fitness values promises a great lifetime performance. He also transmits ideally positioned, wider rump and a medium rear leg angle (103). The second newcomer CAPRI (gRZG 147) is also a son of Camus (VH Crown x Semino). His dam is a half sister to the OHG sire METRO and goes back to the well known foundation cow Beacon Sambuca VG-86. CAPRI is an absolute problem solver for the trait milkability, which is more in focus on many farms. He offers an outstanding milkability breeding value of gRZD 127 combined with good udder health (gRZS 105) and is therefore a specialist for this trait. At the same time, he is very well suited for robotic farms with RZRobot 127.

The third in the group is SUNTRO P (Sunny P x Royce). After his VG-88 dam Rekord from the Timmering-Brandl farm already attracted attention at the Black & White Days in January, SUNTRO P, which is the calf of his dam and therefore ET-free, also convinces with a strong gRZE of 127. With his udder breeding value of 136, he is one of the highest sires in the polled segment. His flawless breeding value profile is complemented by good robot suitability (RZRobot 119) and high Mortellaro resistance (gDDc 115).


Daughter proven sires

Now with over 200 classified and with almost 300 milking daughters in his breeding value, the OHG topallrounder CALVIN presents himself with gRZG 147 and a convincing breeding value profile in the daughter-proven top 10 in Germany and the Netherlands. His very functional daughters produce a lot of milk with best components and move on very strong feet and legs. In addition, they show excellent health values, where especially the high Mortellaro resistance (DDc 117) stands out. In addition, CALVIN offers high suitability for automatic milking systems (RZRobot 131), longer teats and is very easy calving (Kvd 118), as his name it predicts. Follow this link to see for yourself CALVIN’s uniform sire pattern in his daughter video. Reliable as clockwork, Superhero son SUPREM remains in the Top 10 with gRZG 148. Now daughter proven, SIR-RED (RZG 135) recommends himself with his outstanding RZE of 127 and good milk production with highly positive components. ANDY-RED (aAa 513) keeps his overall breeding value stable at RZG 139 and continues to be in the top 10 of the Red Holsteins. His daughters convince especially with their component-rich milk and outstanding feet and legs Thus, he increases his feet and legs breeding value by another 3 points and remains on his breeding value level the highest sire for feet and legs (125) in the Red Holstein segment.

Amazing (Calvin) 0362842759

CALVIN daughter Amazing

SIR-RED daughter Indian Sky

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