Cattle breeding is still a long-term business due to the longer generation interval compared to other livestock. Anyhow, sometimes producers adapt more quickly to new trends. Similar to the situation 15 years ago with the exceptional longevity bull Ramos, the two new daughter proven bulls ALAMO and SINUS might exactly fit to what modern milk producers are looking for. Of course both bulls are descendants of well-known cow families (Alamo out of the Dellias and Sinus out of Shottle Marbella) and they offer the right combination of good milk and positive components. Additionally they have no weakness at all in their fitness and health traits. In terms of the type pattern their strengths are for sure in udders and feet & legs. Maybe in former times these bulls would have been criticized due to below average stature and smaller bodies. Anyhow, they offer more strength than stature and many dairy producers are looking for corrective bulls to stop the increasing size. Additionally both bulls are very suitable for robot milking systems and both bulls have exceptional sire fertility with + 4 % and even + 6 % Non Return. In the meantime they reach already high reliabilities. Actually they increased in the August sire proof again – by tremendous 5 and 6 RZG points.

Because actually we have no opportunities to present daughter groups to a bigger audience, our video team took some snapshots. So make your own impression, if these two bulls also fit into your dairy operation.