During the selection for the upcoming show on Saturday, 27th January 2024, have been daughter groups of the two bulls GENIUS and CALVIN selected. Both bulls trace back to the in the OHG breeding program very influential Mabelle cow family. Actually both bull dams have been sold in the Top-Genetic-Auction. The dam of Genius, Trend Meghan, was sold as milking heifer, when Genius was already at the OHG station, where as the Calvin dam, Finder Madison, was sold as flush age heifer and one of the very first offspring by the new owners, the breeder cooperation Bunge/Niemeyer, was the bull Calvin, born in December 2018.

Calvin and Genius have been the most heavily bulls during the last decade in the OHG area. Since the bull Boss, who was around ten years ago one of the very first successful genomic bulls, no other bulls have been so heavily used. Calvin and Genius have been always in the top 3 during the last three years in the OHG area, but also for semen sales around the world. Calvin had already in December his second official daughter proof result with more than 750 milking daughters. He improved by 2 RZG points and is in the meantime recordnized as one of the best production bulls with high functionality and ideal roboter suitable udder confirmation. Genius is at this time still officially a pure genomic bull. Anyhow all available data and impression of his first milking daughters confirm his ability of being a real allround bull and type specialist.

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