His calves and first young heifers were very positively noticed, now his sons with exceptionally high breeding values are coming into focus. ROSCO (with gNVI 394 among the TOP 10 bulls for total index in the Netherlands and with +104 kg fat the number 1 at OHG in Germany) and ROKO (with gICO 5135 the TOP 3 in Spain) and soon also ROMAN (with gRZE 144 Germany’s number 1 for conformation) are starting extremely high.

With gRZE 137, ROYCE himself is still at a very high level even for a 3 year old, genomically tested bull. The calving ease sire is suitable for robotic milking farms (gRZRobot 133) and impresses with his high values for longevity (gRZN 130) and health (especially his resistance against fertility diseases).

Rosco Mutter Anna

Rosco madre Anna