The videos for all sales animals are now available ONLINE!

New update available – updated 29.01.2021

Start bidding is Friday 29.01.2021 8:00 a.m.

Final auction in the catalogue order (except extra lot nr.31 is sold between lot nr. 6 and lot nr. 7) starts on Saturday 30.01.2021

New photos!!!

Kat.-Nr. 1 RR JamaikaVG-85

Kat.-Nr. 2 Cuba VG-86

Kat.-Nr. 3 KOE Tilidin

Kat.-Nr. 4 WILT Easy VG-85

Kat.-Nr. 5 Inka VG-85

Kat.-Nr. 5 Inka VG-85

Kat.-Nr. 6 Irene VG-85

madre Kat.-Nr. 18 Rockin Rio GP-84

madre von Kat.-Nr. 24 Bahama VG-85

madre von Kat.-Nr. 29 RR Elanie VG-86