In order to participate in the Top Genetic auction of Osnabrücker Herdbuch eG (OHG) registration is required in advance, which we will briefly explain here:


Step 1: Registration (from now on)

  • Please register on our website in good time before the auction.
  • Enter your data and confirm the terms of use.
  • Click on “Register now”.
  • After that you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Confirmation of your account

  • After registering your account has to be verified. Please allow us up to two days. As soon as this has been successfully issued, you will receive an email with further information on how to use your new user account.

Step 3:     Bidding in the auction

  • You can start submitting bids on Friday, January 28, 2022 from 8 a.m. To do this, login here.
  • After entering your user name and password, you will reach the bidding system. There you can see all bids that have already been submitted.
    Important: Before you can bid, you have to activate the bid button. With this method we offer an additional protection for the buyer. It minimizes the risk of submitting a bid by mistake. After activation, all you have to do is place your bid with a single click. There will be no additional inquiry or confirmation. This guarantees real-time bidding. The bid button always shows the most recent bid.
  • When you placed a bid, you will see whether your bid was accepted and whether you are the highest bidder.

Step 4:  Highest bidder and successful bid

  • If you were the highest bidder, you will receive an email, in which your successful bid will be confirmed. After the auction is over, you will be contacted by phone. It is important to ensure, that you can be reached at this time on the telephone number given during registration process.

Do you have any questions or do you need help in advance? We are happy to support you.

Hubert Rosenbusch

Hubert Rosenbusch

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