With the first breeding value estimation of the year in April, the annual base adjustment is made. A correction of -4.9 RZG points (as well as RZM -3.4, RZE -2.3, RZN -2.4, RZGesund -2.0, RZS -1.5, -104 kg milk) testifies the very high breeding progress of the German Holsteins.

NEXO and MILO create “spring fever“

The still young bull NEXO with gRZG 159 is No. 1 at OHG. With his conformation value gRZE 133, especially with the feet and legs value 131, he offers outstanding qualities. Besides his good milk production he convinces with balanced, highly positive components as well as with good health values, extremely vital calves (gRZKälberfit 121) and an impressive udder health (gRZS 124). His high-yielding dam GP-84 Runa (Mick x Reserve) offers an interesting outcross pedigree and is no one less than the full sister to the OHG top bull MIRCO. The Nexus son is used as a sire of sons in many breeding programmes and his well-balanced linear profile leaves nothing to be desired. In addition, he also ranks remarkably high in various top lists. NEXO is closely followed by MILO with gRZG 157, whose dam GP-84 Ricola is also a full sister to MIRCO. So the Migel son also offers an outcross pedigree in the first generations and behind that an extremely proven cow family with the foundation cow Markwell Blackstar E Raven EX-95. With gRZM 147 MILO does not only promise high production. He also offers cows with high and firm udders that show very good milking speed (gRZD 113). With his ideally angled rump and legs he will be widely used in many countries.

Runa and Ricola – full sisters to OHG top bull Mirco – with their sons Nexo and Milo

Reliability with FOKUS

With our newest addition FOKUS we have the current #1 Foreman son with RZ€ (2426 RZ€) and #2 gRZG (gRZG 157) in Germany. Especially robot farms (and of course every farm) will not be disappointed. FOKUS daughters will be medium-framed and durable (gRZN 128) and will have great locomotion (118) and firm udders suitable for robotic milking (gRZRobot 124). FOKUS will soon be available with first semen units.

Additional genomic highlights

The Carenzo son CANDY, who subsequently goes back to RR Shottle Elisa EX-90 via Boss Elisa Marie VG-86 and Maxim Eluisa VG-89, is a special “box of chocolates”, because you know exactly what you are going to get. He gains one point considering the basic adjustment and now stands at gRZG 153. His specialities are modern free stall cows with good milk production and excellent udder health (gRZS 126 and gRZudderfit 117) with ideal milking speed (100). In addition, CANDY is offering average frame size and clearly longer teats, so that he will also be used as a „trouble shooter“ in matings.

Another winner of this breeding evaluation is GLARUS (Gladius x Hothand), who could increase his RZG by three points to gRZG 152. Glarus shines besides a good milk quantity (+ 1722 kg) especially by „conspicuous inconspicuousness“. His linear profile is extremely well-balanced and you won’t find any faults. Furthermore he promises good health (gRZhealth 124, gDDc 114) and a longevity (gRZN 121).


The Red Holstein SPOT-RED P also gains two points and ranks at gRZG 153. His good producing daughters will have great locomotion on a strong set of feet and legs (125) (locomotion 120) and the high attached udders will be well suited for automatic milking systems (gRZRobot 123).

ARISTO (gRZG 152) remains the strongest production sire in the OHG program and also offers an unusual bloodline with Arrozo x Gamechanger x Fortune. He recommends himself with his Germany-wide unique combination of gRZM 155 with positive components and gRZS 115.

Top class conformation and homozygous polled (PP). However, what sounds like a contradiction at first becomes reality with MAKRO PP RDC. The red factor carrier delivers a very high udder quality (136), which is complemented by a good suitability for robotic milking (124 gRZRobot) and a great health profile. The also homozygous polled Red Holstein robot bull SOX-RED PP keeps his gRZG stable at 145 (gRZRobot 112).

Makro PP RDC

Sox-Red PP (Sorelio P) 267323

Sox-Red PP

PRIME and MIKE are stable at 153 and 152 gRZG respectively. Both combine longevity (gRZN 122 and 121 respectively), health (gRZhealth 122 and 126 respectively) and milk production (gRZM 147 and 135 respectively) at a very highest level, so that the bulls will remain in great demand not only in Germany, but also worldwide. PRIME is also named now „a top fertility sire“ with his first results (+5 NR%). The Chilton son CARUSO will remain an exceptional bull in terms of daughter fertility with gRZR 128. In combination with his production figures, he is unrivalled and can be widely used due to his very balanced linear profile. The very popular OHG all-rounder MIRCO continues to be extremely stable with gRZG 149. While his full sisters delivered a new generation of bulls that are sires of sons, he continues to deliver a good breeding profile. He promises ideally positioned, slightly wider rumps, a little more strength and robot-compatible udders with longer teats (gRZRobot 123). He is one of the best bulls for metabolic robustness in Germany (gRZMetabol 117).

CALVIN is currently in transition to a daughter-tested bull. With the first performance data of his daughters in the breeding value he shows great promise as he was able to improve his overall breeding value by a full six points (now to RZG 151). We can stay curious, CALVIN will draw the attention also in future!

Our daughter proven sires

As in the recent breeding value evaluations, SUPREM is consistently in the top ten of the daughter-tested bulls in Germany. Despite the base adjustement he improves his production value by +200 kg milk with more than 1000 daughters tested and is now on rank 3 with RZG 149. FELIX also increases his RZG by three points to RZG 140 considering the base adjustment. The strong-built Federal son (aAa 534) scores with high udder quality and very good daughter fertility (RZR 125). Also the Gymnast son GYPSY can improve considering the base adjustment and ranks at 137 RZG.

Royce-daughter Rekord

ROYCE loses a little according to the average base adjustment (RZG 132), but still convinces with an overall good breeding value profile with strengths for automatic milking suitability (RZRobot 130), persistency (120) as well as feet and legs and udder.

The Red Holstein proven sire ANDY-RED (aAa 513) holds his ground and still ranks among the top ten with RZG 139. His long-lasting, medium-framed daughters deliver very high components with solid production. In addition, he is the best tested bull for feet and legs (122) in comparison with other bulls on his total breeding value level. ANDY-RED offers extremely easy calvings (SCE 124). He also is a top fertility sire (+ 4 NR%). Thus he will be sure of his popularity in the future.

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