OHG with a number of new top sires

The reports from the OHG member farms were already very promising in advance. However, this outstanding result was not to be expected: With SINUS, ALAMO and MILTON the OHG can – despite this year’s adjustment of -2.0 RZG, -2.9 RZE, -1.9 RZN, -0.9 RZM points in average above all daughter proven OHG bulls – offer absolute top genetics.


With RZG 149 (+3), SINUS (Silver x Bedford x Logan) ranks among the top 5 sires in Germany. He goes back to the well-known Gold-N-Oaks Shottle Marbella VG-89 and combines production (RZM 146) and conformation (RZE 116) in an attractive way. His values for fat (+82 kg) and udder quality (128) stand out in particular. In the fitness area, he impresses with his values for longevity, robot suitability and health. For sire calving ease he is in the favorable range at 105, so that Sinus can be used also for heifer matings. Sinus is also popular, thanks to his enormously good sire fertility results (NRp) of +6%.


As another newcomer, the well-known ALAMO (AltaSpring x Fanatic x Snowman) starts with a total index of RZG 145 (+3) – with a fairly complete breeding profile. He also has an unusual sire line and goes back to the famous Durham damr Snow-N Denise’s Dellia EX-95. His production value (RZM 143) is based on slightly positive fat & protein % and high milk yield. Regarding conformation, especially feet & legs (119) as well as udders (113) stand out. He also shows no weaknesses in the fitness area, whereby his Mortellaro resistance (111) and metabolic stability (110) are tremendous. With 108 each for paternal and maternal calving, Alamo can be used widely. He is a bull with robot suitability (122) and also a good fertility sire with + 4% NRp. Alamo combines the desirable casein variants BB and A2/A2 and is also able to avoid oversized animals (with stature 85), which is increasingly in demand.


MILTON (Missouri x Snowflake x Gerard), on the other hand, has been on the German top list since August 2019. Semen is still very limited available. Fortunately, his half-brother MILORD (Missouri x Headliner x Man-O-Man) is still available without any restrictions. The calving ease sire with good milk components convinces with medium body inheritance above all through his good values for feet & legs (111) and udder quality (121). Milord (A2/A2) is also a health specialist.


OHG is also ideally positioned in the polled segment – with BG NICK PP (RZG 132 – A2/A2) as Germany’s number 1, POWER PP (RZG 130) as the number 2 and STAGE PP (RZG 126) as the number 3. But due to his total breeding profile, Power PP, of which a uniform and impressive group of 10 daughters was presented at the International Osnabrueck Black & White Days 2020, appears to be the most attractive bull.


Top sires also in the genomics area


Despite this year’s adjustment of -3.8 gRZG, -2.3 gRZE, -3.3 gRZN, -3.9 gRZM points in average above all genomically tested OHG sires, a surprising number of bulls were able to hold up amazingly well.


The new number 1 at OHG is LINDY (Lightstar x Commander x Bookem) with gRZG 159. His dam MUH Chanel participated already as a heifer at the Black & White Days 2018 and her Adagio daughter Clarinette was even class winner at the Black & White Days 2020. His granddam VG-88 Cremona is followed by Freddie Calida, the dam of OHG bull Davos, and then the famous Shottle Chassity EX-92 (also dam of Gold Chip) x Champion Cinderella EX-92 x Durham Barbie EX-92. In addition to this impressive pedigree, Lindy offers a convincing breeding profile with a good amount of milk with clearly positive components as well as a balanced conformation and consistently good fitness values. His breeding values for health are outstanding. Due to its positive values for calving ease (paternal 110, maternal 115), Lindy can be used very widely. Lindy (A2/A2) is likely to become a much sought-after sire of sons in Germany and abroad in the next few weeks.

CALVIN (Casino x Finder x Missouri) is the actual number 2 at OHG and one of the most complete top sires in Germany. He comes from the family of the Milton full sister and thus from the extremely successful regular cow Snowflake Mabelle EX-90. Calvin is an outstanding milk bull with suitable components. His conformation is extremely balanced, without any faults and makes him a good bull for robotic milking farms (gRZRobot 126). In consideration of his enormous production skills, his fitness values are very good in all areas. With 117, the RZhealth is in a top area. Calvin is also an extremely calving ease sire (120). In addition, he shows no weakness for milking speed (105). Calvin (A2/A2 – BB) is likely to become a very popular sire shortly, despite the currently limited availability of semen.

In terms of production, the well-known SUPREM (Superhero x Missouri x Numero Uno) with gRZM 156 remains the measure of all. Despite his +2335 kg milk, +86 kg fat and +73 kg protein, Suprem (A2/A2) reaches surprisingly high breeding values in the area of daughter fertility (gRZR 108, gRZRepro 112).

In addition to the allrounder BELAMI (Benz x Superhero x Yoder), his full brother, the fitness and components sire BERLIN, should not be unmentioned due to his many advantages such as gRZN 132, gRZR 130, calving ease 119/119, gRZRobot 129, gRZRepro 118, gRZMetabol 118, gRZD 111. Both bulls  have the desired A2/A2 variant.


New top class sires


With ROMAN and SIR-RED, the OHG has the highest new conformation sires for Holstein and Red Holstein. In addition to his solid production, fitness and health values, ROMAN (ROYCE x Finder x Shotglass) offers above all an tremendous conformation profile. With gRZE 142 he is the new number 1 in Germany. His values for feet and legs (136) and udder (133) are particularly outstanding. Roman is likely to become a high-in-demand sire not only for show enthusiasts, but also for functionally minded breeders. His values for births (paternal 108, maternal 111) are in the favorable range, at the same time Roman (A2/A2) has an exceptionally high gRZRobot (136) and also high values for all health traits, especially udder health (with gRZS 122 and gRZudderfit 117) as well as daughter fertility (with gRZrepro 115 and gRZR 108).


SIR-RED, a Simplicity (Modesty x Relief) son, is now the number 2 of all German Red Holstein bulls with gRZE 138, at the same time he offers by far the highest total index with gRZG 151 of allconformation sires. In his genomic breeding profile, Sir-Red combines good milk yield with highly positive fat & protein % (gRZM 145). In the fitness area, he offers solid values for udder health and longevity as well as exceptionally good ratings for maternal calving ease. He also has no weaknesses in any health traits (especially Morellaro resistance with DDc 111). But his conformation profile with milk type (125), feet & legs (120) and udder quality (135) is extraordinary. His inheritance for stature may be a bit extreme, but nevertheless Sir-Red (A2/A2) offers wide rumps and dairy strength.


In addition to the production sire, calving ease sire and udder health specialist PERCEY-RED (gRZG 154, gRZM 146, gRZE 120, gRZN 123, A2/A2) as well as the components sire, calving ease sire and top fertility sire ANDY-RED (A2/A2, +4 % NRp) is also worth to mention the longevity and fitness specialist NOBEL-RED (A2/A2, gRZN 130) for Red Holstein.


But also in the genomically tested “polled segment” is well done at OHG with the two DDc premium bulls STICK PP and LUPO PP (with gRZG 146 and gRZG 143 – the # 1 and # 4 of all German Holstein PP bulls without Hotspot blood). Fortunately, these both sires also have the desired A2/A2 variant.


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