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Genomically tested Holstein sires 

The breeding value estimation in August 2018 led to remarkable rankings not only in Germany, but also in the EuroGenomic countries. The highest and already available OHG sires in the genomic top list are the Roxy B son ROYCE and the Superhero son SUPREM, with gRZG 158 each. At the same time ROYCE is one of the highest available top sires for conformation with gRZE 133 and with RZFit 152 an absolute top bull in this segment. Other high RZFit bulls are actually the Federal son FELIX with RZFit 147 (and gRZG 155) and in the next few weeks the new polled allrounder, ADLON P (Adagio x Rubicon x Jackman), who reaches even RZFit 154 (and also gRZG 154). OHG sires >150 gRZG are also BASALT (152), MITCH (152), MIRROR P (152), KENT (151), followed by the two conformation specialists JETSON and ROLLS, each with gRZG 150, but also gRZE 137 and gRZE 133! Just below the “gRZG 150”-mark are KELVIN, the well-known CICERO, the two half brothers SULTAN and MISTER P as well as MONDAY and the two Balisto sons BASTA and BAROLO, who now appear with their first daughters, the conformation and high-performance sire BONUS as well as the top fertility bulls ALAMO, MILTON, SINUS.

Also the international results are outstanding. ADLON P - so far very limited available - is in France with ISU 226 the number 1 worldwide (!) - and also BASALT (ISU 207), FELIX (ISU 204), KELVIN (ISU 204), SUPREM (ISU 203) are above the “ISU-200” mark. In Spain, the bulls SUPREM ICO 4734, KELVIN ICO 4576, ADLON P 4542, MILTON ICO 4432 and MIRROR P ICO 4407 are ranking particularly high. FELIX is actually one of the highest bulls in Scandinavia with NTM 36 and used as sire of sons. ARAGON (sire of sons after the last December proof run) reaches still NTM 33, ROYCE NTM 32, SUPREM 29. In the Netherlands, the bulls ROYCE NVI 341, FELIX NVI 323 and SUPREM NVI 320 rank at a respectable level and in Poland especially ADLON P gPF 151 and ROYCE gPF 150.

Sexed semen is actually available of the genomically tested Holstein bulls ROYCE, SUPREM, JETSON, MILTON, ALAMO, MITCH, CICERO and HOLO PP.

Red Holstein

With gRZG 151, gRZE 125 and RZFit 146 (!), NOBEL-RED (Nova Star x Whatsapp x Stellando) is a new attractive and interesting sire at OHG. NOBEL-RED (in some foreign top lists also named “Delta Highlands”) scores remarkable well also in various EuroGenomic countries. Sexed semen of Nobel-Red is available. As the highest homozygous polled bull, ABI Red PP is now ranked at gRZG 146. As a complete allrounder, AKIRO-RED combines gRZG 141 with gRZE 127 and RZFit 132.

Daughter proven Holstein sires

BOSS, top 3 of the reliable proven sires >500 daughters, again confirmed his position as the highest Bookem son in Germany. In addition, BOOM continues to hold the 3rd place among all Bookems. GARANT was able to improve by 5 points to RZG 135 and even by 8 points for conformation to RZE 134. With his great sire fertility (+ 3% NR) he is also among the top bulls. The Select son SEASON, who, unlike his father, has a significant better daughter fertility, ranks in the same RZG area. Good results of RZG >130 were achieved also by the Boss son BODEGA and the Shan son SHOW (RZE 130, RZG 132). The calving specialist EPINAL and the robot specialist MOTION continue to rank around the RZG 130 level. Right behind, CHRIS follows as probably the most complete Chevrolet son, who was able to gain significantly in the conformation traits. Due to the current development of his daughters Chris promises additional potential for improvement. He ranks just ahead of CHANEL and SELECTMATRIX (RZG 126) and LEXUS (RZG 125) were able to confirm their values very well. The conformation specialist MOVIE increased by 3 points to RZE 130 (and RZG 119).

In the Netherlands, based on nearly 300 Dutch daughters and NVI 280, BOSS continues to be the highest foreign Holstein sire, along with his father Bookem. BOOM reaches an excellent Top 20 position with NVI 258. Sexed BOSS semen is also available at OHG.

Red Holstein

According to RZG, PEARL-RED with RZG 125, LAMY-RED P with RZG 120 and the newcomer KARAT-RED P with RZG 119 are the highest daughter proven Red Holsteins at OHG.

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