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BOSS - top rankings in many countries

# 1 reliable daughter proven sire in Germany, # 1 in the Netherlands

Beside the yearly base adjustment the actual April 2018 proof run also had some changes due to the new estimation models for longevity as well as for some calving and fertility traits. Due to the high genetic progress, the base adjustment for the Osnabrueck Holstein bulls was quite heavily with -3.6 RZG, -1.7 RZM (production), -2.3 RZE (conformation), -4.2 RZN (longevity) and -1.5 RZR (daughter fertility).

With top results of RZG 143 and RZG 140, the two highest OHG daughter proven bulls, BOSS and BOOM, placed 1st and 5th in the overall top list of bulls with at least 500 German daughters. In addition to his outstanding protein percentages (+ 0.23 %), top values ​​for feet & legs (124) and daughter fertility (118) as well as high fitness (RZFit 135), Boss convinces by his persistence and increase from the 1st to 2nd lactation. Also in the Netherlands, Boss was able to increase further on – ranking now on the 1st place in the NVI top list. In the Dutch breeding value estimation, for the first time also the claw health was implemented in the overall index and here Boss has also an impressive positive breeding value, which gave him an increase to now 305 NVI points.

RZG top list Germany
NVI top list Netherlands

As the highest new OHG daughter proven sire, the extremely powerful Shaw son SHARAN (+2.344 kg milk and RZM 141) was placed in the top list, although his conformation values ​​are not convincing completely. EPINAL (RZG 134) continues to be very stable as an absolute allrounder and proven heifer bull (now 120 for sire calving ease). The biggest winners among the OHG bulls were the newer bulls MEDICO (+7 to RZG 124), DAVOS (+6 to RZG 129) and MATRIX (+6 to RZG 125), who increased beside his RZE 121 for conformation by more than +300 kg of milk and +11 kg protein with new 2nd lactation information. The highest daughter proven OHG Red Holsteins are PEARL RED (125 RZG) and LAMY RED P (124 RZG), which both are ranking among the German Top 30 Red Holstein.

Genomically tested bulls
Due to the base adjustment and model changes, some rearrangements have also been made in the genomic top list and the level in the top has been significantly reduced. The highest OHG genomic bull is the very new Roxy Bal son ROYCE, who convinces with his tremendous combination of gRZG 159 and gRZE 134. Very first semen units for special matings will be available soon also from the Federal son FELIX (gRZG 157 and gRZE 124). The Finder son FIRST is very complete with gRZG 154 with gRZE 122 and at the same time RZRobot 127 and RZFit 142. The conformation specialist JETSON remains very stable at gRZE 137 and gRZG 153. Furthermore, the values of the Battlecry sons such as BASALT (unchanged at gRZG 153) and Balisto sons such as BASTA (with unchanged gRZG 149) are very stable. The top 10 German Red Holstein sire NOBEL RED impresses with gRZG 152, gRZE 125 and an absolute outcross pedigree.

Sexed semen is actually available of the bulls BOSS, JETSONMILTON and HOLO PP.

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