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Osnabrueck Holstein Genetics ensure extreme breeding progress

Evaluations from VIT Verden show that the Osnabrueck Holstein population has nearly always been able to achieve the highest breeding progress within Germany over the last 20 years. The reason for this superiority is the high genetic level of the used OHG bulls (figure 1).

In order to make the differences between the German breeding organisations clearer, the average RZG of the used Holstein semen is presented exemplary for 2016 (figure 2).

A detailed analysis of the current situation shows that this superiority is not only related to the overall index (RZG), but also in almost all individual traits like milk, fat and protein kg, RZM, overall conformation (RZE), especially udder, milking speed (RZD) and productive life (RZN) the OHG bulls reaches the highest level! Regarding feet & legs, dairy type as well as sire calving ease, the Osnabrueck bulls achieve in average the second highest level. Even for the Red Holstein bulls this superiority is shown in a similarly clear form.

This trend will probably continue in 2017/18, since OHG can offer its member farms and external customers complete and attractive new genomic bulls as well as reliable daughter proven bulls, according to the successful breeding value estimation in August 2017.