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41. International Osnabrueck Black & White Days

Sunshine at the end of January and top quality in all categories were a good foundation for a very successful event

Usually the weather conditions during the International Black & White Days at the end of January are affected either by deep frost, snow or rain. But this year OHG was very lucky that after very cold temperatures during January on Friday and Saturday (27th & 28th) it was always above 0֯ C and outside nice sunshine. So nobody had this time any difficulties to come to the showground and attend this event. Several foreign guests from roughly 20 different countries attended on Friday, January 27th, the farm tour with the visit of 2 very well managed farms with mostly offspring from OHG bulls: the herd of Witte-Anneken with milking robots was very impressive due to the high labor efficiency. The overall management and farm style in the 350 cow dairy of Gr. Klussmann in Campemoor along with the high production level was as well a very nice and interesting stop. Highlight for most visitors was the presentation of some top breeding bulls like FWS BOOM, KNS BOSS, MATRIX and also newcomers like MILTON, POWER PP, DEKO Red P or CICERO. And as well the present group of more than 20 high genomic flush age heifers in the Donor Station gave a good indication for the next generation of OHG bull dams.

Top 3 in the 1st class (from right to left)
KKH Defender Madlen, NN Pitbull Elsa, Defender Tracy

After a heartly welcome at the breeders reception on Friday night most of the visitors attended then at 9:30 in the morning the individual show in the Halle Gartlage. This year Mihaly Balogh from Hungary was the judge of the show and he liked cows that are very correct on the most functional traits like udders and feet & legs and show also enough strength. In the 10 classes he selected the following class winners and in the 3 categories of young, middle and old Champion Cows:




sire x maternal sire



1a+ S jung

KKH Madlen

Defender x Shottle

Kolckhorst-Kahle, Haltern


1b + RS jung

NN Darina

Pitbull x Braxton

Neßlage, Nortrup



MEY Ravenna

Defender x Snowman

Meyer, Kettenkamp



MEY Antaris

Select x Duplex

Meyer, Kettenkamp




Beach x Ramos

Kendeler, Allendorf




Platin x Ramos

Annen. Loxten



1a+ RS mittel


Elysee x Buffon

Wille, Bippen




Summer x Goldino

Wille, Bippen



KNS Dorfschöne

Yorick x Ramos

Fritzemeier, Osnabrück




Earnhardt x Observer

Kolckhorst-Kahle, Haltern


1a + S mittel

MEY Madison

Dauden ISY x Pagini

Meyer, Kettenkamp



IR Anelia

Sanchez x Knowledge

Bielefeld, Dalvers




GNH Nora

Dertour x Fidelity

Grothaus-Nölker GbR Ostkilver




Beau x Mac

Nölker, Pye


1a + S alt


Sea x Ashlar

Kettmann, Loxten


1b + RS alt

RR Paloma

Jordan x Shottle

Reinermann, Rüsfort



GRH Annika

Shottle x Goldwin

Bielefeld, Dalvers




Ramos x Calypso

Annen, Loxten



AMA Farina

Ramos x Hassan

Asmuß, Wulften



KKH Karmelinda

Classic PS x Rubens

Kolckhorst-Kahle, Haltern

The young champions came both from the group of the youngest 2 years old and he preferred the champion KKH Madlen particularly because of more strength in the front end and slightly nicer fore udder attachment.

In the group of middle aged cows (2nd lactation) the clear champion was the last years Reserve young champion, MEY Dauden Isy Madlen. She developed into a real impressive long stretchy cow and still impresses with a very firmly attached wide udder. As Reserve Champion in this category Mihaly Balogh selected a daughter of the OHG sire Elysee (Elvan x Stol Joc) that was s just medium sized, silky, black cow with probably the best combination of super feet & legs and udder as well.

Top 3 in Class 6 (from right to left): MEY Dauden Madison, IR Sanchez Arnelia, AMA GoldChip Swarowski

Sea daughter Jolie from Kettmann has won the
Champion title of the older cow and
the owner family is happy

In the category of older cows was a real high quality up to the really old high lifetime cows with more than 100.000 kg lifetime production. The last category was won again by the oldest (13,5 years) cow AMA Ramos Farina from Asmuss, which is now in her 9th lactation already. For the Championship Mihaly Balogh decided for the just recently fresh 4th lactation Sea-daughter Jolie from Kettmann in Kettenkamp. As Reserve Champion he took out of the same class a nice uddered medium sized black Jordan from Reinermann and as honorable mention he decided for the black deep bodied Shottle GRH Annika from Bielefeld in Dalvers.

Daughter groups of extremely high

For a relative small breeding organization like OHG it is probably unusual that at the same show were presented 4 different bulls with daughter groups of 6 up to 10 daughters . The first 2 bulls, MATRIX (Maxim x Baxter) and LEXUS (Lexor x Super) were both newcomers with the very first daughters and they have up to now just genomic proof information. Especially the first group of Matrix-daughters could really impress with their nice combination of dairy and strength along with very correct setting of legs and really nice balanced udders with good udder texture. The bull Matrix is for sure a “surprise bull”, because he came out of the “testing period of Maxim” and just from an average breeder herd and not from any ET flush. Anyhow the quality of this group was so impressive that finally for the championship of the best daughters in the daughter groups the judge decided for the 2 best heifers from the Matrix group.

RR Lexus is a specialist for high components and calving ease and the 6 presented daughters displayed that this bull sires extremely firmly attached udders with a very correct teat placement.

Then OHG could present daughter groups of both in the Top 5 of the German toplist ranking Bookem-sons, BOOM and BOSS. FWS Boom (Bookem x Bogart) could demonstrate with his daughter group that he is for sure one of the best milk bulls from all the Bookem-sons. For a Bookem-son he is also a bit unusual in the rump structure with slightly slope to the rump and very wide rumps. Strongest points are for sure the really good udders with very good venation.

Most impressive particularly in terms of uniformity was the final group of 10 daughters by KNS BOSS (Bookem x Man-O-Man). This bull has been over the recent years the most heavily used and influential OHG genomic bull. Now with almost 900 daughters in milk he confirms his genomic proof perfectly. Actually he could improve reasonably in feet & legs and is for sure with 130 for F&L one of the very best bulls in these traits. Beside the overall confirmation quality and impressive high protein, the Boss-daughters are obviously very persistent during lactation and also very calm and easy to handle. These characteristics altogether make him a real “customer satisfaction bull” and will probably increase his popularity also within the next months.




sire x maternal sire



1a + S

GKC Marokko

Matrix x Ramos

Gr. Klussmann, Campemoor


1b + RS


Matrix x Beacon

Thöle, Westendorf




Lexus x Wizzard

Langer, Spradow




Lexus x Berryhill

Specker z. Lage, Wolthausen




Boom x Cassano

Henselmeyer, Aschendorf




Boom x Xacobeo

Wille, Bippen




Boss x Ron

Kolkmeier, Atter




Boss x Roumare

Reinermann, Rüsfort

Top Genetic-Auction with big variety and sales average above 5.000 €

This year for the Top Genetic-Auction were selected with around 30 animals some more than in the years before. So the start of the Top Genetic-Auction made a group of 5 high quality milking heifers and top pedigrees. Then the majority of the calves and heifers were high genomic animals, but also a few with pure show type pedigrees. In the following table you find a list of the highest price animals in the different categories. The sales average of the sold animals was finally 5.012 €.

category lot-number name pedigree price
fresh heifers 1 RR Bambi Galaxy x Beacon 4000 €
show type pedigree heifers   9 KJH Imelda Doorman x Sea 5300 €
high genomic heifers 15 Toskana Shep x Balisto 17500 €
  22 RR Elexia Eclair x Chevrolet     13500 €
  23 DE-SU Amy Araxis x Rodgers 9000 €
  24 Pandora Afterburne x Kingboy   6200 €
  21 Juicy Balu x Flyn 6000 €
  25 KNS Davina Milford P x Balisto 5000 €