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Offer Top Genetics - Heifers

To ease the selection of animals according your requirements, you may rank the animals according to your wishes just by clicking the green headline. If the animals is tested genomically, you will find his gRZG on the list. If you are interested, we will inform you about the most important, additional genomically breeding values. By clicking on the registration number (Reg.No.) you can add the catalogue number to your memory list.

Reg No. Date of birthpedigreebreeding value productiongRZEgRZNgRZSgRZG
035799058328/05/2015Famous x Shotglass1373-0.03510.0248134126118115144
035863355005/08/2015Missouri x Bookem1605-0.16460.0054137133117116149
035863357001/09/2015Missouri x Bookem1383-0.12420.1361141130119112150
035799060004/10/2015Rubicon x Shotglass2072-0.0477-0.1256141122116115149
035863360118/10/2015Entitle x Galaxy1485-0.0949-0.0643131120114114137
035863360624/10/2015Commander x Shottle1127-0.1034-0.0335124117112116130
0358633610RDC06/11/2015Apoll P x Galaxy12680.08590.0851138109124103141
035863366521/01/2016Chevalier x Boss1479-0.12460.0960140126121119152
035844445014/03/2016Battlecry x Krunch1662-0.16480.0258140125129111152