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Reliability in Osnabrück

The Osnabrück bull dams were proven 1988-2010 in the worldwide first bull dam testing station. Only the best sons out of the best proven dams were sampled.

Since 2009 all young sires originate from the OHG GeneScan program (see also breeding program). They are genomically tested and selected for the widely and directly use in artificial insemination. Simultaneously these bulls are also proven in testing herds under very different management conditions.

The daughters´ milk production is proven on the highest level all over Europe. The test day information is collected under the official, internationally recognized A4 milk recording scheme and not by the owner himself (see also milk production).

The conformation of all first calf heifers is classified in all farms independent of their pedigree (see also conformation).

It´s our goal that all sires´ production values are based on at least 100 daughters in at least 80 herds and all conformation values on at least 70 daughters in at least 50 herds. That offers you the chance to use the Osnabrück breeding values as a reliable source for all your breeding decisions in your herd.

The unbiased data recording enables OHG to measure next generations of young bulls very exactly further on, which will increase the dominance of OHG GeneScan bulls and will also maximize the genetic progress of the total Osnabrueck Holstein population.