OHG headquarter
Phone +49 5422 / 987-0

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OHG-headquarter in Melle-Föckinghausen

  • On highway A 30 (Osnabrück-Hannover) please take exit No. 22 "Gesmold/Westerhausen" Autobahn A30 (Osnabrück-Hannover) Abfahrt 22 Gesmold/Westerhausen" (1),
  • then 2 km North to the village of "Föckinghausen-Westerhausen",
  • turn right the second road behind the sign "Föckinghausen-Westerhausen" (2),
  • follow the sign with the Black & White cow and the imprint "Osnabrücker Herdbuch".
  • after about 800 mtrs you will reach the OHG headquarter and breeding center 49324 Melle, Ochsenweg 40 - for navigator: Am Wulberg 57) (3)

"Halle Gartlage" in Osnabrück (OHG-Auction Sales)

  • Follow highway A 30 until highway crossing "Osnabrück-Süd"
  • Follow highway A 33 North to direction Minden/Diepholz
  • at the end of the highway turn left (direction Osnabrück downtown)
  • after 4 km you will find the sales place "Halle Gartlage" directly behind the train underpass

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