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Summary of embryos

By clicking a green heading in the table you can sort for each selected value. By clicking on the donors name you will get more detailed information.

gRZG = genomic breeding values of the donor are available

donorSireconformationproduction of the donorgRZGRZGembryo sirenumberprice/ embryo
WIL Wilder K 27 ET RDCBattlecryJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001470Alaska-Red3600.00 €
Maserati RDCApoll PJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001460Pace Red1690.00 €
RR Elisa-Marie ETBoss86-VG1. La.100 39994.731893.981591500Mayflower gesext5790.00 €
Romaika P RBT ETBlue PJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001390Lucky PP5800.00 €
ShaylaAltaLeafJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001410Styx Red4390.00 €
TNP Deep Purple ETDolphJungrind(heifer00.0000.0001460Ikarus/Solo3600.00 €
Penny ETBlossomJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001410Gymnast4650.00 €
KNS Rosastern ETGoldwin86-VG2/2 La.124164.125123.30410117Doorman2500.00 €
KNS Rosastern ETGoldwin86-VG2/2 La.305 124164.125123.30410117Jacoby5500.00 €