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Summary of embryos

By clicking a green heading in the table you can sort for each selected value. By clicking on the donors name you will get more detailed information.

gRZG = genomic breeding values of the donor are available

donorSireconformationproduction of the donorgRZGRZGembryo sirenumberprice/ embryo
RR Bambi ETGalaxyJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001450Battlecry4790.00 €
OH Dacumba ETKrunchJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001470Battlecry2875.00 €
Dallas ETEloquentJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001500Dolph4825.00 €
Clare ETBaxter 88-VG4/3 La.305 115263.644203.30380114Silver3400.00 €
RR EluisaMaxim86-VGTL 15/0110045294.171893.511591410Chevalier/Justice3690.00 €
WIT Kirkissa ETDestry86-VG1. La.305 104223.974143.56371129Payball3400.00 €
RR Rosina ETGalaxyJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001380Justice2390.00 €
KNS Moongirl ETGalaxyJungrind/heifer00.0000.0001400Doorsopen3590.00 €
RR Elina ETBookem86-VG1. La.276 121573.824653.544301370Justice3450.00 €
MUH AnikaBookem86-VG1. La.100 28064.991403.3193120Missouri2400.00 €
KNS Daybright ETGoldwin91-EX4/3 La.305 119055.076033.72443123Bankroll2600.00 €
RR RionaPlanet86-VG1. La.305 118364.915813.734421330Beat3400.00 €