Hans-Willi Warder
Phone +49 5422 / 987-223
Norbert Wiemann
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Terms of business

  1. Your embryo order comes into force with the receipt of your email.
  2. The orders will be processed corresponding their receipt. When the embryos are not available in the amount as ordered, you can't make assert claim to recourse.
  3. We reconfirm your order with the information about the date of delivery.
  4. The embryos can be purchased from the buyer to the mentioned prices. They will be forwarded deep frozen and the buyer can dispose of the embryos.
  5. The buyer accepts the costs of the transport of the container forth and back.
  6. On request and on charge the embryos can be transferred by the ET team of the OHG. In this case the seller guarantees for impeccable embryo quality after thawing.
  7. By orders from outside Germany the OHG has the right to fulfil the order. The buyer has to pay the costs of the veterinary certificate and freight insurance.
  8. Additionally the further common terms of business of the Osnabrücker Herdbuch eG are valid.