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Genomically highly plus proven bulls will be valuable. As a financially strong organisation OHG will pay the most attractive purchase price not only for bulls of their own member farms, but also for bulls from abroad.

Because for the success of following semen sales not only the value of the German total index (gRZG) is of importance, also the breeding values for production (gRZM), conformation (gRZE), longevity (gRZN), daughter fertility (gRZR), somatic cell count (gRZS) and sire calving ease (gSCE) are influencing the price.

Because outcross genetics (like special blood lines, polled and/or Red & White bulls from red factor carriers) could become more important in future, OHG offers bonus payments for such bulls as well.

If you like to calculate the OHG purchase price of your potential AI bull, please do here your own calculation.