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April 2019 - new breeding values with enormous reliability

Osnabrueck GKuh program produces many attractive health bulls

The breeding values ​​of this year's April evaluation run have changed, but not only visually. Also, the ranking of bulls has been modified, because not only the known annual base adjustment of the breeding values ​​took place in April - according to the genetic progress (genomically) during the last 12 months: -3,4 RZG (total index), -3,2 RZE (conformation), -4,6 RZN (longevity), -0,6 RZM (production).

In connection with the innovative GKuh program, several Osnabrueck dairy farms have recorded a wide variety of health data. Now these long-term efforts are bearing sweet fruits. Also the strong use of so-called fitness sires in the Osnabrueck breeding area like Ramos have certainly a positive influence, because a bigger number of Osnabrueck bulls are reaching top positions with consistently high values ​​for health, mastitis resistance, hoof health, fertility and metabolic stability:

RZ health
mastitis resistance
RZ udderfit
hoof health
RZ hoof
RZ repro
RZ metabol
100 %

weight 40 % weight 30 % weight 20 % weight 10 %
ESSEX RDC 119   ESSEX RDC 118   ROLLS 115   ADLON P 116   ANDY-RED 115
BG RIGA 115   MITCH 116   ESSEX RDC 114   SULTAN 114   BG RIGA 114
ADLON P 114   ADLON P 115   BG RIGA 114   ESSEX RDC 113   ADLON P 113
PERCEY-RED 113   MARLEY 113   SULTAN 114   KENT 113   ALAMO 113
ROYCE 113   NOBEL-RED 112   BG ROLAND 113   FELIX 112   NOBEL-RED 111
ROLLS 113   PERCEY-RED 111   JETSON 113   ARAGON 112   BG RIALTO 111

Bulls like MILORD (125), HOLO PP (119), CONSUL (117), BG ROLAND (115), ROLLS (115), AIR-RED (113) are outstanding “DD Premium sires” due to their high values for Mortellaro resistance. Further information can be found at

Another innovation of this year's April evaluation is the reduced weighting of BV protein kg compared to BV fat kg to 2:1 (instead of 4:1) for the calculation of the production index (RZM). This adjustment is based on the significantly increased payment for fat kg and favors the high-fat and high-components sires.

However, the biggest changes in the ranking for total index (RZG) causes the implementation of 100,000 genotyped cows for the first time in the German reference population with own data for production, conformation and many other traits via the German program “Kuhvision” - in addition to the already 38,000 genotyped, daughter proven bulls. This extension of the reference population leads to an even higher reliability of the individual breeding values, because the genomic young bulls are not only intensively selected themselves, but also usually descend – due to the short generation interval - from intensively selected sires and even grandsires. Through the information of many unselected cows, the actual breeding structure of the German dairy population is represented much better and helps to avoid biased breeding values in future.

With the implementation of these innovations, VIT Verden has successfully developed the genomic evaluation as one of the world's leading data centers.

SUPREM – one of several winners in April 2019

The well-known production improver SUPREM (gRZG 161, +171 (!) kg fat & protein) is one of the main winners of this year's April evaluation run. Also NOBEL-RED increases significantly in production (+ 4 gRZM), conformation (+ 2 feet & legs, + 3 udders), milking speed (+ 6 gRZD) and thus in RZG. ARAGON was able to increase his production by + 370 kg milk and + 5 gRZM. BG RADAMES, the highest conformation sire with gRZE 137 of all German Red Factor bulls or the popular FELIX improve their rankings. ROYCE (gRZE 138 / + 6) and ANDY-RED (gRZG 154, + 153 kg fat and protein) confirm their German top positions as well. Briefly, also the first semen units of PERCEY-RED (gRZG 159) should become available.





robotic skills

SUPREM 161   SUPREM 159   ROYCE 138   ROYCE 133   ROYCE 133
ANDY-RED 154   ANDY-RED 151   ROLLS 135   BASTA 131   MOTION 131
ROYCE 154   GYPSY 151   ADLON P 133   BAROLO 129   NOBEL-RED 130
FELIX 153   CICERO 151   ESSEX RDC 133   ESSEX RDC 128   ROLLS 130
NOBEL-RED 153   KELVIN 147   BG RIGA 133   PERCEY-RED 127   BALOU 130
GYPSY 153   MILTON 147   ALTAI 133   MITCH 126   ESSEX RDC 129

Sexed semen is actually available of the bulls SUPREM (A2/A2), GYPSY (A2/A2), ESSEX RDC (A2/A2), ADLON P (A2/A2), NOBEL-RED (A2/A2), ROLLSMITCH and HOLO PP.

MADISON - the very attractive newcomer

Already the first production and conformation results of his daughters had already indicated: MADISON (Mahuva x Maxim), bred by the Reinermann farm in Ruesfort, can be used extremely widely due to his faultless breeding profile (RZG 134). Values for production & conformation of ≥ 128 RZM & RZE are currently achieved only by two German daughter proven bulls! For that reason MADISON could be used even stronger than the Galaxy son GARANT (RZG 136, RZE 127) or the Shan son SHOW (RZG 133, RZE 129). Despite of the yearly base adjustment, the Alpine son ALONSO increases strongly. An impressive daughter group was presented at the International Osnabrueck Black & White Days in January 2019 (picture).

Other attractive all-rounders are the Album son ALBAN (RZG 132), the components improver BG MELK (RZG 129), CHRIS (RZG 125), DAVOS (RZG 124) or MEDICO (RZG 122). Another winner is the well-known conformation sire MOVIE (RZG 125, RZE 128). BOSS (RZG 138) and BOOM (RZG 135) continue to be at the top of all Osnabrueck Holstein bulls.

In the Red Holstein segment, it is above all AIR-RED, who is attracting attention with RZG 132, RZM 135 and very easy calvings (120) and who clearly ranks now ahead of the previous number 1, PEARL-RED (RZG 124) and the newcomer DEKO-RED P (RZG 122).

Amazing, sometimes even outstanding, are also the international ranking of some Osnabrueck bulls:

France: ADLON P ranks among the # 5 worldwide with ISU 216 (# 2 sire with available semen). By the way he is also by far the highest polled Holstein bull worldwide. SUPREM with ISU 195, PERCEY-RED ISU 195, KELVIN ISU 193, BG RIALTO ISU 193, ROYCE ISU 191, BG RIGA ISU 191, FELIX ISU 190, GYPSY ISU 186 und ANDY-RED ISU 180 are convincing as well.

Netherlands: ROYCE with NVI 387 (+27), SUPREM NVI 349 (+8), ESSEX RDC NVI 345 (+20), GYPSY NVI 335 (+46), MARLEY NVI 335 (+64!), BG RIALTO NVI 323 (+10), KENT NVI 320 (+6), ADLON P NVI 314 (+1) could all improve significantly. The new PERCEY-RED with NVI 318, but also ANDY-RED NVI 303 (+6) and NOBEL-RED NVI 281 (+10) reach a tremendous level for Red Holstein. With NVI 283, BOSS ranks third in the Netherlands for all import bulls with > 700 Dutch daughters. With additional daughters, BOOM NVI 277 (+15) is coming nearer to BOSS, but especially BASTA NVI 254 (+51) increases significantly.

Scandinavia: FELIX with NTM 35, ADLON & SUPREM with NTM 33 as well as MIRROR P with NTM 32 are all used as sire of sons actually.

Spain: Especially SUPREM with ICO 4793, ROYCE ICO 4682, GYPSY ICO 4621, ADLON P ICO 4552, but also MILTON ICO 4485, ESSEX RDC ICO 4471 and KELVIN ICO 4470 rank quite high on the national scale.

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