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43. International Osnabrueck Black & White Days

Great champion cows, impressive progeny groups and new record prices at the Top Genetic Auction

Visitors from more than 20 different countries - mainly Europe, but also from countries like Afghanistan, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Turkey - visited the 43rd "International Osnabrueck Black & White Days" on the 26th January 2019 with Holstein Show, progeny group presentation and Top Genetic Auction. On the 25th January OHG dairy farms and the OHG breeding center were presented at the so called “manager tour”.

Tremendous champion cows

Markus Gerber from Switzerland was the judge of the Holstein Show with 80 pre-selected top cows from the OHG breeding area. He will be also one of the two judges at the European Holstein Show in April 2019 in Libramont (Belgium).

As a judge Markus Gerber prefer cows with strength, power, strong feet & legs and tremendous udders – which means cows that every practical dairy farmer likes in his herd.

For the final line of the young classes he selected the youngest heifer, a strong and extremely correct TREND daughter from Redecker, a very stylish Fitz daughter from Grothaus-Nölker, and two slightly older heifers from Kolckhorst-Kahle - the GARANT daughter Hanuta (already known from the EuroTier presentation in November 2018 in Hannover) and the Payball daughter California. Due to slightly more width and openness in the rib Markus Gerber decided for the Garant daughter Hanuta as the Junior Champion 2019.


Picture: Junior Champion - Garant daughter Hanuta


In the intermediate classes (cows in her 2nd lactation) the MOVIE daughter Highlight from Kendeler was selected as Intermediate Champion 2019. Last year she was already successful as the winner of the progeny presentation.


Picture: Intermediate Champion - Movie daughter Highlight






Senior Champion 2019 became the Micah daughter Dagmar from Meyer, Reserve Senior Champion 2019 the LEXUS daughter Anten from Bielefeld, which beated for example BOSS Annalena from Kolckhorst-Kahle.

Picture: Reserve Senior Champion - Lexus daughter Anten





In that way, Junior Champion, Intermediate Champion and Reserve Senior Champion were all sired by OHG bulls!

Large & uniform daughter groups of ALONSO & BASTA

At the progeny presentation, OHG presented 11 daughters of ALONSO and 10 daughters of BASTA – that means two larger groups in order to present a clear & unbiased picture.

The Alonso (Alpine x Epic) daughters impressed above all by their uniformity, high level of production (all > 35 kg milk), top conformation and very good udder texture.

Whereas Alonso convinces through production and conformation, the breeding skills of Basta (Balisto x Epic) are more regarding fitness, such as udder health, longevity, fertility and calving traits, but also rump structure and robotic skills – with a good teat placement and teat length. That Basta is able to produce also champion cows, was demonstrated by the winning duo Ella from Detert, which had already been exhibited at the EuroTier 2018, followed by Bonata from Düvel.


Picture: Best progeny - Basta daughter Ella



New sales records at the Top Genetic Auction

With 52.000 € and gRZG 160 KNS Miss Hot PP (Hotspot x Board) reached the highest price ever for a genomically tested calf at the Top Genetic Auction. This outstanding top seller was offered by Niermann in Schiplage. But also Reinermann in Rüsfort reached tremendous 17.500 € for RR Rising Star (Benz x Brekan) with gRZG 163.

Reinermann presented in the group of fresh calved heifers also two daughters from the well-known Elisa family - a BOSS from Elisa itself and a BOARD granddaughter, for 5.500 € and 5.800 €.

As a result, the Top Genetic Auction 2019 reached the new all-time high average price level of 8.078 €.


Picture: KNS Miss Hot PP – sold for 52.000 €