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International top rankings for OHG bulls

The breeding value estimation in December 2018 led again to remarkable rankings not only in Germany, but also in the EuroGenomic countries.

Genomically tested Holstein sires

As the # 1 for milk kg, protein kg and gRZM, the newcomer GYPSY is by far the highest German Gymnast son. He combines these high production values with a perfect breeding profile for all conformation and fitness traits. Another winner of the December proof run is the Superhero son SUPREM ranking now with gRZG 160 (+2) within the German Top 10; within this group he is one of the few bulls with already free available semen. The two popular full brothers ROYCE and ROLLS are presenting a good development as well. ROYCE remains an absolutely fitness (RZFit 152) and robot specialist (RZRobot 131), whereas ROLLS impress with his beautiful linear profile. The highest Red Factor sire in Germany for conformation is the Styx Red son BG RADAMES RDC (gRZE 138, gRZG 148), directly followed by the Esperanto son ESSEX RDC on the 2nd rank, who combines gRZE 135 with even gRZG 154 and RZFit 144. FELIX with gRZG 153, gRZE 123, RZFit 147 and the extremely complete ADLON P with gRZG 152, gRZE 134, RZFit 154 remains very stable in the German top group. MIRROR P is another attractive polled bull with a convincing breeding profile. The Sixpack son BG RIALTO is a new interesting complete component sire.

For Red Holstein ANDY-RED is the highest available German bull at the moment with gRZG 159 – based on the tremendous production power of gRZM 154. He combines his production figures with a faultless breeding profile for conformation and all fitness traits. The outcross sire NOBEL-RED also keeps quite stable with gRZG 150, gRZE 124, RZFit 147 (= TOP 10 for Red Holstein in Germany) and increases for longevity (gRZN 136), daughter fertility & milking speed. One of the highest homozygous polled for Red Holstein, MIX-RED PP, starts with impressive gRZG 143.

Good to see are also the international rankings of several OHG bulls:

France: ADLON P with ISU 225 on # 2 worldwide in France (and by far the highest free available). Also SUPREM with ISU 204, KELVIN ISU 203, BG RIALTO ISU 200, ROYCE ISU 200, FELIX ISU 197, BASALT ISU 197, GYPSY ISU 195, MIRROR P ISU 190, ANDY-RED ISU 188 are doing well.

Netherlands: ROYCE with NVI 360 (+19), SUPREM NVI 342 (+22), FELIX NVI 326 (+3), KENT NVI 314 (+16), BG RIALTO NVI 313 (+47!), ADLON P NVI 313 (+27) are improving tremendously. ANDY-RED with NVI 297 (new) and NOBEL-RED with NVI 271 (+3) are reaching a high level for Red Holstein on the Dutch scale. GYPSY, ESSEX are still missing.

Scandinavia: FELIX & ARAGON remain one of the highest import sires worldwide with NTM 36 (0) and NTM 35 (+2). The both new bulls BG RIALTO with NTM 31 and GPYPSY with NTM 30 did also very well. ADLON P is still missing.

Spain: SUPREM with ICO 4735, KELVIN ICO 4555, ESSEX RDC ICO 4531, ADLON P ICO 4516, MILTON ICO 4449, MIRROR P ICO 4384 are ranking high. GYPSY, BG RIALTO, ROYCE are still missing.

Sexed semen is actually available of the genomically tested Holstein bulls SUPREM, ROYCE, ADLON P, JETSON, MILTON, ALAMO, MITCHCICERO and HOLO PP.


Daughter proven Holstein sires

BOSS ranks successfully with RZG 142 on the 3rd place of all German bulls with > 500 daughters - with more than 1000 additional daughters. He increases again in his fitness (to RZFit 136, which means TOP 20 in Germany), longevity & daughter fertility. Also for the both complete bulls EPINAL (RZG 128) and CHRIS (RZG 125) there is no significant change to report. The Shan son SHOW presents for and more an attractive combination of RZE 128 and RZG 132. The highest newcomer, the Balisto son BAROLO, reaches tremendous RZG 141 and RZRobot 132. Due to his body traits he is one of the highest specialists for feed efficiency. Also BG MELK has a positive start with RZG 136 – with his expected high fat values (+101 kg, +0,74 %).

With NVI 270 BOSS ranks also in the Netherlands on the 3rd place of all foreign bulls with > 500 Dutch daughters.

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