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42nd International Osnabrueck Black and White Days

The event you need to be a part of!

Most of the time you might feel that cow shows are somehow similar all the time and if you know, which breeders participate you can give a prediction who would be probably successful. Anyhow the small high quality Osnabrueck area offers still surprises every year. At this year’s show (26th/27th January 2018) the foreign visitors from almost 20 countries who started with farm visits at Meyer in Kettenkamp and Westrup-Koch in Linne ended with their tour at the OHG Breeding Center. There they could get an update on brand new high genomic bulls from the OHG line up and also the most prominent 20 flush age heifers in the Donor Station. Obviously the Mabelle family from Gr. Honebrink is right now most successful with 4 new bulls in the OHG line up like for instance Kent and First already right now.

As well on the female side in the Donor Station the visitors could inspect 4 different members of this cow family, which are either already recently flushed or soon to be flushed.

After the nice breeders reception at Friday evening the show started on Saturday morning with the open show. In the class with the youngest two year olds the judge, Lambert Weinberg from Isterberg, was deeply impressed by the extremely correct hard topline red heifer from Schulze-Placke sired by the OHG Red and White sire Lake-Red. She finally also took the young Champion Cow Award and Reserve Champion was the winner of the 2nd class, a very correct and balanced Missouri presented by Ballmann.





In the middle age cow classes 3 of the 4 winners were sired as well by OHG-sires. Right the 1st class was won by a just recently fresh open ripped Matrix daughter Marocco from Gr. Klussmann that impressed particularly with her tremendous rear udder. In the 2nd class a Select daughter from Meyer stood in front of the last year young champion cow, KKH Defender Madlen. In the next group an extremely correct daughter of the combination Beach x Ramos was class winner. Then followed a group of young 3rd calving cows with an impressive big Mascalese from Dammeier on the 1st place ahead of the black Mad Max Madonna from Bielefeld. These both also won the Championship in the middle ages and Matrix Marokko took the honorable mention.


In the older cow classes the youngest group was won by an extremely correct Dude from Gr. Honebrink, which was finally also Reserve Champion in the older cow classes. Champion was the winner of the 2nd oldest group, AMA Steady Chantre from Asmuß, that showed extreme dairyness along with a very firmly attached udder.

Most impressive for many in the audience was the last group of aged cows. Particularly the by far oldest cow, Ramos Honduras with 9 calves and far above 100.000 kg lifetime was very impressive for such an old cow. Also the 2nd place in this class was won by a Ramos presented by the breeder of Ramos, Annen from Loxten. So in the end the show had 3 Champion cows from owners that were not placed in the top of the shows over the last 5 years and so new competitors to well-known breeders in Osnabrueck.

Very uniform daughter groups by type specialist Movie and Boss (2nd calf)

In the afternoon OHG presented 2 daughter groups with 10 daughters by each sire. In the beginning daughters of the high type Mogul son Movie were presented. Compared to many other Mogul sons the Movies show lot more body capacity and extremely correct slightly sloped rump structure. But most impressive are their extremely firmly attached udders. His daughter group confirms that Movie is right now one of the very best daughter proven type bulls available in Germany.

After the impressive presentation of 10 Boss daughters last year in their 1st lactation and a daughter group at the NRM-Show in Zwolle (Netherlands) now a group of 2nd calvers by Boss were presented again. This group confirmed the extremely nice development of the Boss’s that also leads to an increase of his 5 RZG to tremendous 145 RZG in the December sire summary. The cows have the right body condition to stay healthy all the time, they track extremely well on their rear legs and show also very high and widely attached rear udders.

Boss daughter Grada
Winner Progeny Goups

Movie daughter Highlight
Reserve-Winner Progeny Groups

Top Genetic Auction with 6 lots above 10.000 €

Usually in the Top Genetic Auction are one or maybe two highlights, but this year the quality of the offer was so impressive that even with a downwards trend in milk price many Holstein enthusiasts were motivated to purchase one of these mostly high genomic testing young calves and heifers. In the end actually 6 of the 28 lots reached a price of more than 10.000 €. The oldest of these was a flush aged Finder heifer out of Missouri and then the formally mentioned Mabelle family from Gr. Honebrink that was purchased by an OHG-member farm for 18.000 €. Very special was as well the number 1 polled Adagio P-daughter that traces back to the Chassity family and finally went for 19.000 € to a breeder in Bavaria. Finally a homozygous polled heifer with the combination Mission P x Apoll P offered by KNS Holsteins sold for the sales record price of 27.500 € to another breeder in the OHG area. The total average for the 28 lots was with 6896 € reasonably higher than at the last years Top Genetic Auction.

Already now you should mark in your calendar the date of next year show: January 25th/26th, 2019