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Osnabrueck Holstein Genetics ensure extreme breeding progress

Breed value evaluation - August 2017

Evaluations from VIT Verden show that the Osnabrueck Holstein population has nearly always been able to achieve the highest breeding progress within Germany over the last 20 years. The reason for this superiority is the high genetic level of the used OHG bulls (figure 1).

In order to make the differences between the German breeding organisations clearer, the average RZG of the used Holstein semen is presented exemplary for 2016 (figure 2).

A detailed analysis of the current situation shows that this superiority is not only related to the overall index (RZG), but also in almost all individual traits like milk, fat and protein kg, RZM, overall conformation (RZE), especially udder, milking speed (RZD) and productive life (RZN) the OHG bulls reaches the highest level! Regarding feet & legs, dairy type as well as sire calving ease, the Osnabrueck bulls achieve in average the second highest level. Even for the Red Holstein bulls this superiority is shown in a similarly clear form.

This trend will probably continue in 2017/18, since OHG can offer its member farms and external customers complete and attractive new genomic bulls as well as reliable daughter proven bulls, according to the successful breeding value estimation in August 2017:

New genomically tested sires

With +3009 kg milk, +85 kg protein and gRZM 160 the Osnabrueck Cinema son CICERO is the number 1 for all these traits in Germany. The combination with his breeding value for productive life (gRZN 117) will probably result in an extremely high lifetime production. According to his genomic breeding profile, medium-sized cows with wide rumps are to be expected, which have slightly angulated & parallel rear legs and a good locomotion. Despite their enormous milk production the front & rear udders will be firmly attached. The slightly wide teat placement is especially attractive for robotic milking. Additionally CICERO shows fitness values at a considerable level (RZFit 121). Easy calvings, good milking speed and “aAa 534” are further positive characteristics.

MITCH is the highest available son of all, more than 150 Milford progenies tested in Germany. His strengths lie in the protein, in his dairy type (# 1 OHG) as well as his very complete breeding value profile. In combination with herdlife (gRZN 127) as well as medium body rating (102), MITCH is one of the best sires for lifetime production and feed efficiency in the entire OHG product line.

A very complete allrounder seems to be BALOU with his purely European sire stack Baltikum x Epochal x Gofast. Regarding conformation he is equally convincing for body (116), feet & legs (119) and udder (124). Due to the appropriate teat length and teat placement, this calving ease sire is also interesting for robotic farms. Kappa-Casein BB and Beta-Casein A2A2 make this components sire attractive additionally.

With values of +0.27% fat and +0.27% protein, ARAGON (Araxis x Racer) belongs clearly to the top of all Osnabrueck sires. He also has a pretty nice conformation profile with feet & legs 119, udder 129 and robotic suitability. In addition to his easy calvings (115) and good udder health (gRZS 119), it’s especially the high daughter fertility (gRZR 121), which is to consider.

MONZA, which has a purely German pedigree with the combination Modeco x Boom x Goldday x Jose x Ramos, is distinguished by his great completeness, but impresses especially through his values for milking speed (# 1 OHG with gRZD 119), rump angle (119), daughter fertility (gRZR 123), longevity (gRZN 128) and thus also lifetime production and fitness (# 1 OHG with RZFit 141).

BLANCO, the highest German Blossom son (Boss x Snowman), is particularly a specialist for udder health (gRZS 130) and fitness (RZFit 138).

ALAMO, the highest AltaSpring (Mogul) in Germany, goes back to the well-known Durham dam Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95. He offers a very complete breeding profile on a high genetic level (RZG 153). In addition to his tremendous amount of milk with slightly positive fat % and protein %, his values for feet & legs (124), fitness (133) and robotic milking (126) stand out.

The Battlecry son BASALT has a error-free conformation and production profile. He knows to convince especially with feet & legs 128 and udder 125 as well as with his positive fat % and protein % together with gRZM 140. BASALT will be used with first inseminations only as a sire of sons within the breeding programs.

In the field of polled genetics, OHG is equipped with the complete performance bull POWER PP (# 3 in Germany with gRZG 141 and # 1 with +51 kg of protein), with BLUES PP, the specialist for daughter fertility (RZR 125) & fitness (RZFit 134), the outcross sire STAGE PP and the components bull BG NICK PP. The Red Holstein type specialist AYOL-RED P is recommended for the wide use as well.

Daughter proven sires

With now nearly 3000 daughters for production and 1600 daughters for conformation, BOSS was able to confirm his tremendous genetic level again with his increase of milk, +3 RZS and +2 RZFit impressively. His complete breeding profile has no significant weakness, so that he can now be widely used in the "Reliable Sire" category. His medium-sized daughters are greatly esteemed by their owners because of their good fertility, fine-veined udders and really outstanding feet & legs.

With BOOM, OHG has a second, very reliable tested top sire. With more than 600 daughters and RZG 141 he is similarly high. His stylish, medium-sized daughters show a great production level. The high udders are firmly attached, the wide rumps are well balanced. Also noteworthy are the easy calvings (paternal & maternal), the successful combination of milking speed and udder health, and also the high daughter fertility and long productive life.

Due to his many breeding strengths, MOTION is an absolute specialist for fitness (RZFit 130) and robotic milking (RZRobot 135) among all daughter tested bulls. Among the top 100 RZG bulls, this son of the rather unknown Mowambo (father: Moscow) with RZN 130 is also by far one of the best sires for longevity. The high positive values for daughter fertility, udder health and milking speed are also characterizing this unique top sire.

The two new bulls EPINALMOVIE can’t yet be named "Reliable Sires”, but both are promising newcomers due to their completeness. The allrounder EPINAL impresses by his production (RZM 127), whereas the allrounder MOVIE by his conformation (RZE 137).