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Breeding values -April 2017

The breeding values ​​of this year's April evaluation have changed not only visually due to the annual base adjustment of the relative breeding values ​​(with -2.9 RZG, -3.2 RZE, -1.6 RZM). For the first time also the breeding values ​​of the individual milk traits have been adapted to the breeding progress over the last 12 months (with -64 kg milk, -2.3 kg fat, -2.2 kg protein). However, the most significant changes are in the field of conformation due to the changed weighting of the individual linear traits and RZE composition, which influenced directly the ranking of the bulls and leads in total to a decrease of -5.0 RZG and -5.0 RZE for the top bulls.

BOSS & BOOM remains at the top

With already 1700 daughters, BOSS, the well-known German components and fitness sire, was able to increase his fat & protein percentages again and also his breeding value for longevity, so that he presents himself as the new Osnabrück number 1 in April with RZG 141 together with the second Osnabrück Bookem son, BOOM, the actually # 1 for lifetime production. With likewise 400 daughters and RZG 134 the Mowambo son MOTION confirm his special skills for robot milking (133) and fitness (132). The popular heifer and fertility sire SELECT has suffered strongly under the new RZE calculation with -9 RZE points.

CICERO – highest OHG GeneScan sire

With RZG 159 CICERO leads the field of genomically tested bulls. Despite the base adjustment this Cinema son still has an enormous performance potential (RZM 162) in combination with his functionality and highly positive fitness characteristics.

Also the approved bulls such as the robot specialist BASTA, the Missouri sons MILORDMILTON & MILANO, the Silver sons SINUS and SIRIUS P, the conformation sires TREND, CONSUL, LOUISALTAI as well as the specialists ALAMOBAROLO have kept up well. POWER PP, BLUES PPSTAGE PP and BG NICK PP now form an extremely attractive range in the field of polled genetics. The marketing rights of ABI-RED PP semen are split between OHG (German market) and Masterrind (foreign markets). From that point of view DEKO-RED P remains the highest OHG Red Holstein (# 1 for sire fertility) for the international markets.

Sexed semen is actually available of the bulls BASTA, MILORD, SINUS, TREND, POWER PP and KARAT-RED P.

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