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Osnabrueck Holstein sires - great stayability once again

Interbull evaluation – April 2012

Despite the annual base change the April proofs of the Osnabrueck Holstein bulls present a great stayability. Additionally the evaluation model for paternal and maternal calving ease was modified.

SHANDAR remains further on Germany’s # 1 daughter proven Shottle son with RZG 138 as well as highest available production improver with RZM 143. As the # 1 German Holstein sire within the Top 100 daughter proven bulls for the body traits (130) he is really a bull, that gives his long-lasting daughters the power to produce their milk really easily in firmly attached, high rear udders. Milk robots will also like the long, not too close placed teats. Shandar is one of Germany’s best fertility bulls as well.

Also Germany’s # 2 Shottle son BG ET (abroad also named ’DT Benito’ or ’Double Dutch DT Benito’) holds his total index with RZG 137. He was tested by OHG partner organisation Bos-Genetic and ranks in Hungary by far on the 1st place. His daughters impress by their outstanding conformation (RZE 123) and production (RZM 131). His high value for herdlife will surprise all, who notice his poor value for milking speed and who not know, that Hungary has no official measuring system. With Mtoto on the male and female side in his pedigree, BG ET will get his chance to increase the value therefore not before his first daughters will calve in Germany. The owners of the milking daughters are satisfied at all. BG ET (DT BENITO) is actually the #2 also in France.

A correction bull for too close teat placement is ORSON. Due to his pedigree O-Man x Ramos he impresses additionally by his tremendous values for production, Udder health, longevity, daughter fertility and his hih values for all calving traits (paternal and maternal).

WIZZARD belongs to the Top 4 second crop sires in Germany further on. The Wizzard daughters are trouble free cows very easy to work with due to their positive daughter fertility, milking speed and calving ease. Well-known is also the tremendous semen fertility of Wizzard. He is also one of the highest total production bulls for combined fat & protein (+ 145 kg) worldwide.

GOLDINO is one of the most heavily used sires in the Osnabrueck Holstein breeding population due to his complete breeding profile. This daughter proven Goldwyn son, who originates from one of the most popular cow families in Germany with four generations in the row successfully proven at the Osnabrueck bull dam testing station and also at shows, seems to be a perfect allround sire – with positive values for all traits:

production: + 0,26 % fat, + 0,26 % protein, RZM 115
conformation: dairyness 114, body 113, feet & legs 114, udder 118, RZE 123
udder health (RZS 110) combined with easy milkability (RZD 109)
calving ease sire (114) despite of his enormous body capacity, high daughter fertility (RZR 107)

The very complete sire TOPAZ (Toystory x Laudan x Dorado) attracts attention by the positive combination of high milking speed (RZD 113) and udder health (RZS 108). His daughters excel by their balanced conformation, good daughter fertility, high production skills and long herdlife.

With MAXIMO-RED the OHG product line offers also one of the highest German production bulls for the Red Holstein breed (RZM 139). With + 2200 kg milk, +74 kg fat and + 71 kg protein he is a real money maker. His tall daughters impress by their style, dairyness and their rear udders. The Top 3 Red Holstein sire for total index should be used only on cows. Due to his outcross bloodlines for Red & White breed (Marmax RC x VG-87 Marshal x VG-86 Evreux) Maximo-Red can be used very widely.

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